Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as the relocation of the so called Islamic State from the Middle East to the countries of North Africa including Yemen Somalia Ethiopia Eritrea Libya Tunisia Algeria and Morocco all which are vulnerable unstable countries some of which are plagued already by terrorist and rebel groups how long would it take for Islamic state knowing how quickly it established itself in Syria and Iraq to establish a caliphate in North Africa with little or almost no opposition and with the aid of its affiliated rebel groups there. Look to the past and the charismatic leaders who have united all the separate Nations under one leader and under one such leader resulted in the crusades. It only takes one spark to light a fire which if allowed to get out of control is almost impossible to put out. Is it going to be like when so called Islamic arose thou didst refuse to put as thou would put it boots on the ground to deal with this terrorist group because mainly thou was afraid to get involved in another Middle Eastern war that lead to thine inaction the results of which have been felt since throughout Europe and the Middle East if Islamic state had been nipped in the bud there are many who now would have been alive and many who would not have had to flee their own homes and lands. Is it that because thou hast sown the seeds of inaction and complacency thou art reaping the whirlwind of that complacency and inaction in not dealing with Islamic State in the first place that thou and thine allies will have to face having to sort Islamic State and its affiliated terrorist groups out once and for all in North Africa instead of the Middle East or face having a fanatic terrorist caliphate on the very doorstep of Europe. Thus say I it will not be like the Middle East in North Africa for the there will be a very real threat to Europe if Islamic State doth establish a caliphate in North Africa as afore said there is but a very narrow channel betwixt North Africa and Spain leaving Europe open to attack from Terrorists and especially so called Islamic State if it gets established there as it did in Iraq and Syria.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.
from the prophet of the Lord

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