Thus saith Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I at this time as far as Northern Ireland is concerned there is a need for that devolved government to sort itself out and both sides to forget their differences and put aside their stubborn hard heartedness in as far as being willing to compromise on all issues and where they cannot agree that they agree to differ those who are unwilling to compromise on both sides should if they cannot see their way to do so should step down allowing others who are willing to do so to take their place the path to a repeat of the troubles could start unless both sides sort out their differences Just remember there are other groups in that country who would welcome that happening but not only that there enough lives at risk because of IS without a repeat of the Northern Island troubles like as said afore it only takes a spark to light a fire and if allowed to get out of control is very hard if not impossible to extinguish. If the troubles do restart then not only will home rule vanish but it will put in jeopardy the whole of the borders between Ireland and Northern Island and also the input Northern Island would have in the Brexit negotiations. But in as far as stubbornness and the intransigence to compromise that government must look into the past conflict and what really ended that conflict and brought about home rule by a government of the people’s choice and the willingness of both side to put aside their differences and rule that country together. Unity brings about peace and harmony and in as far as Northern Island is concerned disunity and conflict brings about destruction and conflict and the abolishment of home rule.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
From the prophet of the Lord

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