Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation I have said I placed the great and terrible sword of My Wrath and anger that hath been polished and sharpened and I have commanded he into whose hands I have placed it and who wields it to strike his fist against his chest where his heart is three times and upon the third time to strike with the sword of My wrath and anger the great and the powerful and the wicked and immoral and the unbelieving dictators and tyrants of the Earth it is the sword that hath been sharpen and polished to slay the great the rich and the powerful and the wicked and the disobedient of mankind who breaks all of My Holy Laws and commandments who know not nor desire to know Me who say and have said I neither see nor hear because I exist not or it is I am but a figment of mankind’s imagination a myth a being created by those in high religious office of the faiths of mankind to control the masses yea there have been such that have used My name in vain to their own advantage. But of a truthat I do exist whether any of mankind believes in Me or not and am ready to Judge mankind. Thus say I those who are the rich and powerful and those who hold high office who are liars cheats thieves murderers of innocent men women and children whose hearts have been hardened who care not for others only themselves and their own comfort that ye will know when this sword comes to claim its victims for it will cast down first thy gates meaning that which protects the source of thy power and wealth for it will take away all that thou doth cherish above all else and cast thee down to the dust of the ground into the same situation thou hath cast many others into the pit of poverty and despaired and destitution without a second thought so that thou could ascend to the heights of power and wealth by corrupt and unscrupulous methods look unto that which happened to Job but that was to test his faith in Me saith the Lord. But for thee this will be the first striking of My sword of wrath and anger and the beginning of thy punishment which is thy due thus as with Job so with thee, first thy high office then thy wealth shall be taken away then the desertion of thy family and then it shall be that My sword shall follow hard at thy heels so much so that thy heart will almost fail the for fear of that which will descend upon thee, but thou will be denied that way which thou doth see as means of escaping the final blow of My sword. Then it is that thou shalt face Me in Judgment. Look unto the past few years and all the rich and famous and powerful who have passed on from this life so many in such a short time why because My Day of the Judgment of the wicked and immoral and the perverse, of the rich and powerful who know not Me who break all of My Holy Laws and commandments who prey on the weak the vulnerable and the innocent especial those in power who have used the innocent the weak the disabled the sick the elderly as the rungs to climb their ladder of power success and wealth the so called privileged few. Thus I said of past times that I have waited till the cup of wrath and anger be filled up to overflowing ready to be poured out upon mankind which hath lulled the wicked the immoral the unbelieving the disobedient and all those who have broken all of My Holy Laws and commandments into a sense of complacency thinking that their creator exists not or is dead as some put it who hears not nor sees and if he does can either do nothing about the wickedness of mankind or cares not that mankind walks a wicked and immoral path. Wrong I do care and as above punishment shall be forth coming upon the whole of mankind for as hath been said in My Word that the day of Judgment shall come as a thief in the night and so hath it come and hath caught the whole of mankind unawares and unready to face My Judgment Day.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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