Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The character assassination by politicians of other politicians in an election or at any other time in or out of parliament reveals their lack of ability to govern this Nation as they should be concentrating not on assassinating each others character or ability as politicians but on how they propose to govern the country if they become the party in Government what are their budget proposals for education health welfare and social services transport and road and rail maintenance and repair and for the security and emergency services for the military and the Intelligence services and border control of this Nation and what about foreign aid and of course trade and industry investment. But paramount is the sourcing of their budget where is the revenue coming from and can the present taxation system support their budget proposals and can they justify the austerity measure they are proposing to keep and put in place and what about the rise of governmental borrowing is it being reduced by the austerity measures in place or increasing. What about trade and industry investment what is the civil service budget and can it be justified and what about medical research funding and for science and the arts what are the proposals for regeneration of a house building program to build rentable and affordable housing. The responsibilities of any PM and their cabinet is such that the petty wrangling and childish arguments and character assassinations should never even enter into their minds never the less be voice by their mouths more and more it seems that parliamentary sessions are sinking into becoming mudsling sessions rather than constructive debates on resolving the issues of major public concern. To be sure saith the Lord God of Host there are others in thy history who have been leaders of this Nation who would have been ashamed of all of the present political parties and this generation of politicians and their attitude to each others and their lack of respect for the office to which they aspire both in as far as both the governing and opposition parties and their lack of endeavouring to meet the pressing needs of this generations citizens, young and old sick and disabled homeless and poverty stricken jobless and those in work struggling to make ends meet for them and their families working all the hours they can to keep a roof over their heads and those struggling in this modern ages to keep body and soul together and there was one who did and alive now would be sore tempted as he did then to kick the lot of them into touch now. The question has to be asked are any of the present political partiers fit to govern this great Nation.

This is the Word of The Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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