Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord God of all of creation of the heavens and the Earth and all that in them is unto thee at this time that in as far these terrorist are concerned that they have come before Me and have been Judged found guilty and cast into the bottomless pit which thou callest hell forever as will all such terrorist contrary to that which they have been taught by their extremist preachers and teachers. Thus also that those who have perished at the hands of these terrorist have entered into the heaven of heavens and into MY Loving Arms and I will watch over those injured so that their healing may progress swiftly. But in as far as these attacks are concerned their aims are to disrupt the very democratic process of this Nations general election as they are diametrical opposed to western democracy and that thy election should in no way be affected so that a message may go out to the terrorist organizations that no matter what they do they will not be successful in their efforts and that in the end it will be that the western democracies will be successful in the defeat all of these terrorist organizations. Thus it is that all in this Nation should be united in seeking to root out any and all terrorists who still remain hidden in this and other Nations. But in this attack though so horrific there are signs of desperation in that the terrorist group that is behind this attack in the usage of the methods of attack in the use of vehicles and weapons that they are facing defeat not only in the Middle East but also in the rest of the World in that people are no longer giving into the fear and terror that these terrorist groups are seeking to instil in civilized society, but are rising up against them in seeking to defeat them once and for all and it is the example of the courage and Unity of this Nation that is inspiring other Nations to resist terrorism and to seek out and destroy these terrorist organizations and groups . All the democratic and civilized Nation should send out the message enough is enough no longer will the Nations of the Earth tolerate this or any form of extremist terrorism but will seek it out to destroy it and them and their followers no matter where they are in the open or in hiding. This Nation in the past has stood against and defeated the terrorist threat and will do so now this United Kingdom will never give into or be defeated by any form of terrorism as it has never give into any Nation seeking to conquer this Kingdom of United Nations this is and ever will be the United Kingdom of Europe.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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