Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that as afore said which party if any is fit to govern this Nation and it is that I said neither, why? One abdicates its responsibility for the security of the Nation by the reduction of the public security services and is all talk and little or no action in as far as the welfare services promising everything and delivering nothing can the public really trust the present governmental party to deliver on its manifesto promises especially in its recent failure because of security cut backs in protecting the public? Though when all is said and done the emergency service which also have suffered cut backs delivered beyond their call of duty and the security service delivered also beyond their call of duty because of their dedication to the public of this great Nation. Thus then there is the opposition party that will if it gets to govern this Nation abdicate is responsibility in the defence of this country having not the back bone to reassure the public that if necessary it will use any and all means to protect this Nation from foreign aggression even though it does promise to increase public security services on British streets. Thus said I that, that party needs to get its act together of which it hath done in many respects but still its leadership falls short of having the necessary strong leadership that this country needs to lead it in the days to come especially in as far as Brexit is concerned but neither is the party in government strong and determined enough to get the best deal for this country and for the EU as well for it still suffers from the legacy of their previous leaders lack of determined negotiating prowess to achieve the necessary goals that both the UK and EU needs for Britain to gain and the EU to deliver. Too much austerity not enough security on one side and on the other an excessive increase in public borrowing and a lack of a practical National defence strategy to meet modern needs.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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