Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee and unto the Middle Eastern Nations in a far as the promises to those Nations that the American leader has made to them they are either short coming or none existent in their fulfillment. Yea indeed in far as some of the promises he made before being elected are in the short term being keep in as far as his promise to bring back wealth and prosperity and to increase employment and industrial investment especialy in what Americans call the rust belt area but a short term solution is no solution especialy if he continuse to Isolate America from the rest of the World by his attitude to climate change and his foreign Muslim policy and what about his attitude to the South American States and Nations and towards the global refugee and imigrant problem there are questions that must be asked and answered, his policies are popular to the American public, but are they endearing him to the major trading Nations of the World. Especialy those who have sign an agreement on the reduction of green house gass and air polution and carbon emisions ever seeking to preserve the planets health for future generstions to live healthy prosperous and secure lives being thankful to previous generations for the standard of life they will enjoy instead of blaming their forbearers for the mess the planet will be in if nothing is done about climate change air and environmental polution and by the carbon emissions produced from the excesive usage of coal oil and gass for electriical energy, the transportation of goods and services and in the massive amount of private vehicles on the roads of the world and public transport vehicles in the air. Well did I remind and warn thee not only because of thy over usage of fossile fuels that sooner or later one of them would indeed run out but also because of MY wrath and anger over the destruction of the Earths Natural environment that the ecesses of the present civilization causes that I will cause thy oil resources to be terminated sooner than it would naturaly done so. Well hath it be said in the past by many that mankind will be the cause of his own destruction and if thou are able to work out the excesive usage of oil that it is not a bottomless supply well and that sooner or later even if I took no action it would inevitably run out. But I am taking action no only for mankinds awakenings sake to mankinds civilizations present and future predicament but for the sake of the whole of My creation in as far as the Earth is concerned and the damage that has and is being done to it. I created mankind not only to be My children but placed them upon this Earth to take care of and protect all of My Earthly creation. But not only has mankind failed in as far as his responsibility to his creator but has thus far sought to do the opposite destroy the Natural Environment of the Earth and also by his selfishness greed and lust for power wealth and possesions has caused the deaths of many of mankind, mankind has as afore said sown to the whirlwind over many generations it is now time for mankind to reap the whirlwind of My wrath and anger. If thou can imagine the Worlds civilization right now running out of oil how long would it take to collapse and fall?

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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