Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say i unto thee as afore said that in this United Kingdom’s general election as concerning that which I set forth unto thee in as far as those MP’s standing for election that there would be many shocks and so hath it come to pass especially in as far as those of the UK governments both the central governing party and the devolved Governments especially that of the Scottish Nation who have been disappointed with the performance of their governing party. I said I know the end from the beginning even from all eternity what was ordained to come about and I did warn those who would succeed in being elected with an overall majority would be the Party that in their manifesto delivery could present to the Nation as a whole a sensible sound vision for the future of which one Party did take notice but did not fully take heed which if they had done so would be now be the UK’s governing party as also the present governing party took none heed of all the warning I thus presented unto them and heeded not the warnings that I warned them of what has now come about would be their electoral result, pride and arrogance came before this fall. As afore I said that this Nation needed a strong determined leader and a fully united and committed party which had the welfare of the UK’s people at heart to face the future gathering storms which are to descend not only upon this Nation but upon all the Nations of the Earth for I said without a vision for the future the people perish. One of this Nations party had a vision for the future but not a determined enough party and leader to present it to the people so that they would have united behind and given that party the mandate to deliver it by electing them to govern this great Nation. The other party seemed to have lost its way in as far as concentrating more upon the leaving the EU than concentrating on presenting to the people of the UK a manifesto that addressed not only Brexit but also the welfare of the people and the major issues facing the public at this time even the unnecessary austerity measures that they have had in place since being previously elected the lack of sensible funding for the NHS and the security and emergency services. A healthy prosperous united Nation is a strong Nation that will meet all that the World and Nature can throw at it and overcome. But will also succeed in gaining especially in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned, for this Nation a deal that benefits both the UK and the EU a weak unhealthy and disunited Nation will fail and fall when faced with the problems conflicts and other issues that they will have to face in the future. But also especially in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned with the possibility of ending up with for this Nation a poor or no deal for both the UK and the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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