Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations of the Middle East even those who have accused a tiny Arab state of acts of terrorism by supporting and funding terrorist organizations and groups in that region without adequate proof to backup those accusations and have in every sense of the word laid siege to that Nation by the closing of their borders to all trade to and from that Nation which as afore said lays those Nations because of the duress they placed on the population of that state open to being guilty of human rights violations and also labels them as being in the same league as Syria and its Government. But what has to be asked first why it is that the Nations of the Middle Easter Nations changed their attitude towards this tiny gulf state and the answer can be seen in the visit of a super power Leader who has sought to galvanize the Arab states and other Nations in the Middle East to deal with the terrorism in the Middle East themselves instead of relying on the Western Nation to do it for them when addressing Middle Eastern governments in public but what has this leader behind closed doors implied who those in that region are guilty of supporting terrorism and what is his underlying motive for doing so. The signs of that happening are seen after his visit ended that these Middle Eastern Nation suddenly turned on Qatar accusing it of supporting terrorism in the region. But this centering of the focus on dealing with terrorism in the Middle Eastern region onto one small gulf state accusing it whether guilty or not of terrorist related acts in the supporting of such groups or organizations distracts for the real problems that are and will arise from terrorist organizations and groups which have already established themselves in that region and that is because of the instability of certain Nations in the North African region which will become more of a threat to the gulf states than ever Qatar could ever be even if it was guilty of that which the Arab gulf states accuse it of. As has been seen many of the terrorist organizations and their affiliates have move their bases of operations from the Middle Easter Nations because of the impending defeat of IS and other terrorist groups to the unstable Nations of North Africa and soon will threaten the stability of the whole region as they did in Iraq and Syria of which the governments in that region are ill equipped to deal with any major terrorist incursion and threat to the whole region of North Africa.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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