Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto those who are Ultimately responsible for the Grenfell tower block Inferno and the deaths that have resulted to thee I say thou will be held to account by Me and My wrath and anger shall descend upon thee to punish thee for thy Neglect in properly bring this block up to modern health and safety standards putting in place necessary fire safety measures so that a tragedy like this could have never come about. My praise and blessings go to the emergency services especially the fire brigade whose unstinting heroism indeed saved many lives and also the doctors and nurses that have given their all in seeking to save those who have been critically injured and comforted many grieving relatives also My blessing goes upon those all who have without second thought rallied to the aid of those who have suffer the loss of all that they have and helped and comforted those who needed help and comfort especially those still in a state of shocked because of that which has happened to them and as afore said My wrath and anger and curse is to come upon those who are to blame for this tragedy especially in as far as the children who have perished in this block of flats indeed no family with children should have been housed in over a third of the buildings floor count, so in as far as this block is concerned there should have been no families with children above the eighth floor, though in this case would have not diminished the tragedy and horrific deaths that have occurred. For it is now that no further action in making all blocks even those throughout this Nation will in any way diminish the blame or recompense the relatives of those that have perished or will diminish the blame for this tragedy upon those responsible for this tragedy, as afore said and I repeat the blame for the Grenfell disaster points in one direction only and can only be laid at one door and thou doth know whose door it is the one who implemented the austerity measures this country is now suffering from in the first place. As fore said if the necessary funding had been available in the first place to institute all the health and safety measure needed in these blocks and the tenants voices had been heard then this disaster would have never happened. This is a case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. But it also points to the dangers of implement unnecessary extreme austerity measure. The problem now is that to what extent are the austerity measures put in place have already and are going to affect the whole structure of British society and what other disaster are waiting to happen because of these austerity measures.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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