Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that all racial hatred is condemned by Me and those that partake in such activity shall indeed feel My wrath and anger to the Nth degree I do not condone nor tolerate such in all of the Earth and be it assured all who have such emotions towards their fellow men and women and children are not of Me nor can be and such as do feel and practice such in the end shall perish being cast into the pit of everlasting torment forever. But as afore said the only way to true peace is if all of mankind can come to make peace with Me My way and Mine alone which is set down in My Holy Word Law and Commandments thus if all of mankind does do this and walks that path to the end of their Lives there is a promise of My Peace within all the hearts of mankind that passes all understanding and at last to dwell in the heaven of heavens in eternal peace and happiness and when the New heavens and the new Earth have been created and when the heavenly Jerusalem descends to Earth and the Earth once more becomes as it was in the beginning a paradise a new Eden wherein there is no death or disease sickness or sadness or sorrow where the lion shall lay down with the lamb and the child shall play on an asps nest without fear of harm then all who belong unto Me shall descend with Me and reign upon the Earth forever. If then mankind doth do this as I have so set down how can then can mankind be at peace with Me and not then be at peace with each other. Thus say I what is the history of mankind in as far as peace and prosperity is concerned over more than a few decades has not the history of mankind been in the main death and destruction conflict and war destitution and poverty and where has the prosperity and wealth dwelt in the main with the few rich and powerful and how have they gain their power and wealth. Thus also say I to all who use religion as an excuse for racial hatred and acts of terrorism their father is the Adversary for they are not of Me nor can ever be as they will find out when they come before Me in Judgment and shall be totally and utterly condemned and cast into the pit of everlasting torment forever without reprieve where the worm dieth not nor doth the flames thereof go out.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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