Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Issac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee corruption in any shape or form weakens a Nation as unnecessary austerity measures weakens a Nations and thus the Nation as a whole such as the cuts in public service in health welfare education security services and all the emergency services fire police ambulance paramedic response teams but especially the Military the Army Navy and Air Force which once was second to none but now with the cuts imposed by this and the past Government, if they continued will leave this country defenceless no longer is there a nuclear arms race no longer a cold war situation with every Nation threatening each with the size of their Nuclear arsenal. The conflicts now and in the future are and will be conventional armed conflicts because every Nation knows the outcome of a Nuclear War its only a madman in charge of a Nuclear capable country would even contemplate taking their Nation down that road and even they would hesitate as they would not only be annihilating their enemies but themselves as well in a Nuclear war there are no winers. As to cyber warfare that can only be used to weaken a Nation in anticipation of a forth coming attack. Thus it is that first and foremost the extreme austerity measures must be reduced or ceased altogether and investment, investment and more investment must be applied to all public and emergency services especially the security services in light of the escalating terrorist threat. But more so there must be investment in the Army Navy and Air force bring it back up the strength necessary for the defence of an independent Britain after Brexit and as it was second to none in the past such should be the investment that it once again holds that position. So that this Nation can not only defend itself but be capable to come to the aid of any Nation that is at the mercy of terrorist organizations or come to the aid of any Nation that is in need not only by rebels or aggressive neighbouring Nations but those Nations suffering from plague famine and natural disasters and to aid in keeping peace between factions. The American President has declared that he no longer see’s the US as the Worlds police man; mainly I would say that they have enough problems of their own and the UN peace keeping force has and is becoming more ineffective in its role as a peace keepers and as Britain’s role Militarily is becoming more and more and will be more so after Leaving the EU if this Nation wants to take a leading role on the Worlds stage be involved in other Nations internal conflicts as it is now and has been in the past such as Iraq, Syria Afghanistan amongst others and the medical corps have recently been involved in the African crisis’s. Britain has always been ready to come to the aid of those Nations in need especial those which have been threatened by those who believe that Might is right and has the right to dominate and be aggressive to any Nation weaker than itself. But the British believe right is might and that it is right to defend the weak against those who would seek to oppress and conquer them using any excuse to do so.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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