This is the Word of the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus said I unto this Nation afore time a Nation united cannot be defeated nor fall but a Nation dived cannot stand and will most surely fall. Thus it is that by seeking by any and all means to hold onto power by this UK government could see the end of this Nation as a United Kingdom. For most surely as said to this Nation that there are storm clouds gathering on the horizon and troubles ahead for this Government which they will not weather by using any and all means to retain their position in power which they have now done so. Well they should learn a lesson from history of one monarch who sought by and all means to hold onto his throne and power by even resorting to bribery in as far as bribing members of the long parliament with wealth and land and positions in power if they supported him who ended up causing a civil war and losing his head. By the actions of the present government they are not taking the rout to Unifying this country but dividing it and the only recourse to bring back stability across the board would be to end austerity measure and increase investment in all public and security and emergency services and other services for all the devolved governments and regions of the United Kingdom. If thou dost think that the EU government is unaware of the predicament this government has and is putting itself and the Union in then think again the various devolved governments of the UK has said anything is better than the Labour Party getting into government but I say unto thee anything is better for this country that the position it is now in divided and in danger of becoming undemocratic in the extreme if it has not already done so by gaining votes for cash if this is not bribery and corruption what is? Which will indeed provoke My wrath and anger to descent upon this government full measure.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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