Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time saith the Lord God of Host as concerning the so called cyber attacks that the authorities of the Nations had better start looking in the direction of it originating from terrorist sources especially one terrorist group which because its source of revenue has dried up one reason various intelligence agencies have cut off its funding supply lines and mainly because it is facing imminent defeat in the Middle east and as can be seen in the type of weaponry used or I should say the lack of the type of weaponry they have used in the past to that which they have used recently. These attacks have but one purpose and that is to extort as much money as they possibly can and as they have a international network they can use various bases from which to attack multiple targets at once. What has to be taken into account is the amount that is being demanded and that if it was a criminal enterprise then it would not be the amounts being demanded or even making the demands thus far used, making demands using the means being used a western or many eastern hackers would not have reverted to using such simplistic means to extort money they would be using sophisticated methods to hack into systems yielding many thousands or millions or even billions it even displays to a certain extent that the terrorists are in desperate need of funds to carry on their terrorist activity this also means that tracing them will be difficult for they will be using mobile bases to attack a target. Also look unto the terrorist attack by ISIL in the Philippines that this is a diversionary tactics used to divert the Western Nations from the their true objective and where they are really seeking to establish a new, larger and more permanent base of operations which they can effectively use to attack western targets what has been seen in the past is that this terrorist group will use any and all means to gain its objectives. Which is as seen in the Middle East to set up a New Caliphate which Western Nations have to estimate where would be the next best region?

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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