Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation who hath created mankind in the beginning and placed them in My garden of Eden; My Name for the whole Earth; to care for it and all that exists therein and until cast forth there from fulfilled that for which I created them for as well as to be My children and I their Father forever where there was no harm nor did the Earthy creation suffer from that which it was to do when mankind whom I placed in charge of My creation fell and their curse also fell because of their fall upon the whole of creation and when I mean the whole of creation I mean the whole of the Universe not just Earth; mankind from that day died spiritually in other words as I am the source of all life physical and spiritual was cut off from Me because mankind disobeyed My commandment the punishment thereof was death but physical death was delayed so that mankind if they returned unto Me through the promised Messiah would again regain their everlasting life in My presence forever. But the reason for reminding thee of this is that the responsibility of mankind is to care for all of My Earthly creation and that means all of mankind who have thus far fail to do so in fact have done the opposite and through their actions and inactions have thus far caused the devastation that now exists. The agreement to reverse the past course of the Nations in looking after the whole of creation though it is belated step in the right direction but note ye this thy physical existence as the rest of creation is dependent upon the state of thine environment destroying it will in the end if I allowed it to continue destroy not only thee but all that liveth upon the Earth. Thus it is that any who refrain from taking part in seeking to change course and begin to care for as is their responsibility the environment and climate upon which their existence depends shall be forth coming as a warning face My Wrath and anger in the form of storms tornadoes fire and earthquakes and floods but not full force unless they repent not and do not turn from following their present course and do not rejoin the other Nations in their commitment to care for the climate and the environment of the whole Earth, of which plague and famine shall then follow on.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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