Month: June 2017


Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The heart of this Nation as I have purposed has been forged in the furnace of adversity of wars of plague of famine of the threats of conquest from other Nations to become the Nation it is now. It was never intended to be a part of a European Union but to be yet part of Europe and as hath been revealed through two world wars and other wars as a last line of defence against tyrants and dictators and evil empires and terrorism and all those who seek world domination through terror and fear and conquest and enslavement. Sometimes Nations and their dictators have brought this Nation almost to its knees but have never defeated it in the true sense of the word and though this Nation in the last World war stood alone with its back pressed against the wall figuratively speaking this Nation did not give up or give and accept defeat at the hands of a monstrous evil tyrannical dictator NO. It came out fighting and did the unthinkable it fought off the attempt of conquest at his hands turning the tide of the war but two things should be noted at this point one that Britain stood alone and defiant and did alone fight off the attempted of the conquest of this Nation as it had before done so many times in the past and two did alone aid Russia to defeat his attempt to conquer that Nation which Britain did by the transportation of weapons, materials and supplies by sea at the cost of many British merchant sailors lives, without which Russia could not have survived and then Britain along with its allies defeated that terrible cruel evil Tyrannical dictator and his war machine who was bent not only on the conquest of Europe but the World. Thus as this Nation has so done in the past in the defeat with its allies of one cruel tyrannical megalomaniac so shall it begin to do so now in the Middle East against another tyrannical cruel dictator and against the terrorist in that region those brought in by that dictator and the terrorist group IS which established itself in that Nation and attempted to create a caliphate in the Middle East.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord


Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith I AM THAT I AM at this time unto thee even He who is the Lord of Host and creator of all that is was and ever shall be I it is who hath separated this Nation unto Myself both at this time and in the past to be to the Glory of My Holy Name. Thus say I that the terrorist have made the greatest mistake they could have ever made as is being revealed when they attacked Manchester. London might be a mighty city and the brains of this Nation but Manchester is it heart and in their attempt to bring the fear of the terrorist threat of causing disharmony and disunity and a fearful trembling and a weakness of the knees in anticipation of further attacks to this City they have but done the opposite it has brought Unity and harmony and a defiance against the terrorist threat and as said Manchester being the heart of Britain is beating harder than ever before causing that unity and harmony and defiance and strength of spirit to course throughout this Nation like blood coursing through the veins of the human body, thus becoming an example to the rest of the World that truly united people and Nation cannot be defeated by terrorism or any other threat. This Nation has a kind and sympathetic heart willing to help any Nation in trouble if it can which can be mistaken as weakness and it takes a lot to provoke this people and this Nation but as has proven in the past two world wars and the attempts of mighty Empires to conquer this Nation when it has its back against the wall it comes out fighting with such ferocity that woe betide any who gets in its way especially the terrorists. Other Nations might fear and tremble but this Nation will not bow the knee to any terrorist organization or any tyrant or dictator. This Nation has become and will remain a defiant symbol of the right of free democratic people to live in peace harmony and security.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
from the prophet of the Lord