Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time and unto a Nation that is about to follow a path the destination of which another Nation also walked upon, will this Nation end up as that one did? But first the Leader of the US is after gaining all the electorate details of that country why he says it is because of an investigation into electoral fraud of which is but the weakest of excuses to get all the details of that Nations electorate what is his real reason for desiring to acquire that information as everyone knows the source of Americas electoral manipulation and the reason for it? The answer could be that whoever controls the vote of a Nations electorate controls the country and the only way of doing that is by either bribery and corruption or intimidation the reason being to ensure that whoever is in power remains for the duration of their term in office and is assured of re-election to office for another term but if that is the case who is then is the electoral manipulator. But there are also signs that the American Leader is walking on a well trodden path by making sure all who are in positions of power are his ardent supporters and friends, marginalising the media by claims of fake news being reported by the media and by the rhetoric he is using in rallies to those who are already his dedicated followers, also starting a religious and racially motivated campaign against Nations of other race, ethnicity and religion. The question has to be asked if this is the beginning where is it leading to and where will it end? The Nation which the US seems to be following is the same path trod by Rome which was a republic much like America is now and its Leader because of his ambition on controlling the senate by getting his senators elected to the senate against which Pompey and his supporters in the senate opposed him threatening civil war if Julius Caesar managed to get control of the Senate which he did resulting which did in a civil war and in the end Pompey and his armies were defeated after which he became supreme ruler of Rome which in the end lead to Julius Caesar assassination on the Ides of March by Marcus Brutus because they hoped to bring back the republic, but another civil war broke out instead. After defeating opposing armies Octavius appointed himself “Augustus”, which means the first emperor and thus ends the republic and the Empire begins and where it end is common knowledge. But there are also other Leaders who have gained power by similar means but in the end where have they all ended up? This is a warning to America that it makes sure that the ambitions of its present Leader don’t lead to the same conclusion as have others in the past, especially that of the Roman Empire.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.


from the prophet of the Lord

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