Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as North Korea is concerned that the Nations of the Earth are pandering to his ego via the media attention their giving him worldwide and this is what its all about an egotistical young man who cares about nothing or no one but himself and is not bothered about any sanctions imposed on his Nation and whether or not his people are suffering and starving because of the sanctions or through his extortionate expenditure on his military especially his ballistic missile programme and so long as he’s getting worldwide attention he will carry on seeking to provoking Nations like America and Japan and South Korea just to get the attention he craves that puts him in the worlds spotlight and unless he is an ignorant imbecile which he’s not and which can be seen in his rhetoric if you read between the lines and consider how he knows just when he has gone far enough in his provocations just enough to get worldwide attention but not far enough to provoke outright conflict and so long as he is getting the media attention he is getting he will as afore said continue doing what he is doing. You just have to consider the last missile test and the attention he gained from that and until this missile test the attention he was getting was diminishing to the extent that until now the media had pushed him into the back ground. But also thou must consider China and how worried China is that he poses a threat to World peace and stability yes they are concerned about his present missile program and the attention its getting and who its provoking but not to the extent of taking any action to force him to halt his present missile program. To China the American president along with his allies of Japan and South Korea posse more of a threat to world peace and stability than the leader of North Korea. He knows that if he did perchance attack any foreign Nation that yes his attack would cause devastation and maybe not even that knowing the military might of the various Nations of the Earth and their defence capability, but it would also result in his and his countries destruction and not possibly the whole of the country but just its capital city.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord


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