Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus it is that mankind is to be Judged and punished for the orbital space debris or junk that I commanded mankind to remove from orbit around the Earth and if mankind did not that I would do so Myself, which thus far remains to be removed in a safe and an environment space friendly manner. So it is that now I shall remove it over a period of time by increasing the orbital degradation of all that mankind has placed in orbit which not only includes space debris or junk but also mankind’s satellites and space platforms used for scientific research. The orbital space around the Earth is not mankind’s space exploratory dust bin or scrap yard. Thus as said I will and have already increased orbital degradation for many of thy orbital platforms and satellites and that will increase exponentially unless concrete action by mankind is taken to remove the debris and space junk. If not then much of the smaller items that descend will burn up in the atmosphere on re-entry but the larger objects whilst some will not reaching the surface of the Earth some will and be destructive on hitting the surface, whilst those which do not will endanger the aircraft flying at the time and with there being so much debris and junk descending at any one time tracking all of it will be nearly impossible. Thus say I unto thee if thou had seriously attempted to remove it from orbit and had thus far removed a portion of it then all of or some of thy satellites especial defence satellites would have remained and as would thy space platforms. But thus I say unto thee ask thy scientist how many time they have had to alter their space stations orbital trajectory over the past year. The blame can only be laid at mankind’s door for the action in Judgment I am being forced to take reluctantly for mankind’s pollution of the orbital space environment. Though I will have to say that mankind’s efforts to combat pollution and to safe guard Earth’s environment from future pollution is commendable especial in the efforts to remove disposable plastics there needs to be a more concerted effort if the present pollution and future pollution is not going to critical affect mankind’s environment to such an extent that there will be famines, plagues and disease there from that will run out of control and beyond mankind’s capability to deal with the with and survive them. For if more and more ocean life dies through thy pollution their dead bodies will begin to pollute the oceans of the Earth also, the oceans can deal with the natural process of sea life body decay but sooner or later it will be unable to do so, thus polluted seas will begin to affect the whole of Earth’s natural water cycle and those who depend on the oceans of the Earth for their existence.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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