Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel that I abhor all manner of immorality and as is set down in My Word and according to My Holy Law and commandments as is set down in My Word all who break that moral Law shall be punished by being cast forth from My presence and after their life ends upon the Earth shall therefore be cast out after Judgement to be banished to the bottomless pit forever that place humanity doth call hell. Though I have no Joy in the death of the even the Wicked all wickedness must be punished especially moral wickedness. Though I have created all of mankind and in of themselves they are all My creation and rather I would that they repent of their wickedness and so have held back My Wrath and anger perchance they will repent, but if they continue unto death in their wickedness and immorality no matter how much I love all of mankind, their rebellion immorality and gross wickedness Unbelief and the breaking of all of My Holy Law and commandments must be punished as is so set down in My Word. Therefore in My Word especially Leviticus chapter eighteen is so set down those morally laws which by Me shall be strictly adhered to and punished according to My Holy Law and Commandments especially as concerningn the sexuall immorality of males lieing with males and females with females and betwixed human beings lieing with animals these by Me will in no way go unpunished. All of My Holy Law and Commandments and the punishments there of shall upon the whole of humanity be applied without exclusion and as the Messiah says and is so set down in My Word not one jot or title shall pass from the Law until all hath been fulfilled and thus also is so set down in the letters of My Disciples even in the book that thou doth call Romans chapter two. A society and civilization that doth tolerate the Breaking of My Holy Law and commandments and Moral Law is on the path heading down unto destruction and will in the end inevitably reach that destination and fall as others have in the past. Disobedience to and the breaking of My Holy Commandments and Moral Law by Mankind in any way shape or form shall in no way be tolerated or go unpunished. Yes it is so set down that I do Love all of mankind and it is also set down that I love sinners but it is that I do hate their sins and their sinning and great wickedness and though I don’t wish to punish sinners rather would I have them repent and turn through the true Passover Lamb to Me yet if they do not repent, reluctantly they must be punished according to My Holy Law and Commandments. Thus it is that I hate all manner of wickedness and can no longer tolerate it in My presence or upon the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord.

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