Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I in as far as the termination of a critically ill child as the case of one that is at the present ongoing what I have stated I will reiterate as below.
Thus say I unto thee as concerning children in a critically ill state if the necessity to end that Child’s life should ever arise then it has to be that the parents of that Child alone has the right to decide when there is no longer any other course of action but end that Childs life in the most humane way possible in no way can it be nor should it ever be the decision of any Judicial court or any other legal or medical authorities right to end any Child’s life no matter the circumstances for one of thy sayings applies to the circumstances of the present due termination of the life support of one Child where there is life there is hope. But ultimately the ending of all human life has never been in the hands of mankind for it is I who bring a person into existence and after their allotted time on Earth I it is who doth end their Earthly life at that time thus ordained by Me and in the manner ordained by Me and thence to come before Me in Judgment to be Judged according to My Holy Law and Commandments unto perfection and that without exception for there is a saying amongst thee when your time up your time up and thus that time has been ordained by Me from all eternity saith the Lord God of creation. So thus say I if any person doth so end any life whether it be their own their Childs their partners or any other life whatsoever no matter the reason all have to be and all shall be Judged by My Law and commandments and thus punished accordingly as My Law states thou shalt not Kill and anyone who does shall be in danger of being punished by Me and cast in the bottomless pit forever, especially in as far as the young and infants whom I cherish above all of mankind for does it not say in My Word suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of the heaven of heavens therefore anyone ending a Child’s life I shall never hold them guiltless no matter who they be from the highest authority to the lowliest of mankind. I place a Childs life in the care of their parents and they alone have authority in Mine eyes over their child life and none other. But to those who suffer their Child’s life ending be assured that they are received immediately in to My everlasting Loving arms.
But in as far as the authorities Judicial or otherwise are concerned though I deplore and condemn any interference in the proper upbringing of children by any governmental body whatsoever and I restate I have placed a child’s care in the hands of their parents until they are of an age to leave the family home. Yet wherein any parent absolves themselves of that responsibility of care by neglect or cruelty both mentally or physically which also means leaving them on their own without any and all responsible supervision then it is the responsibility of the state and the official bodies to step in and take over but and I so state this where the parents meet their responsibility for their children in all and I say again in all aspects of their child’s upbringing the state has no right whatsoever to interfere in that child’s or those children’s upbringing which never occurred until the latter modern period of this civilizations existence.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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