Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee O Israel especially those scattered abroad amongst the Nations of whom I have since thine exile at Mine own hand until the return of thy brethren after a grievous world war provided a safe haven in many countries, except in those times and ages and countries wherein the persecution and the massacring of My People existed and I did return upon the heads of those who persecuted and massacred them a hundred fold what they did unto My people to such an extent that many Nations suffer such destruction as to almost erase them from the face of the Earth, especially the last persecution and massacre of My People at the end of their exile from the promised land because of their rejection of their promised Messiah and because of their abandonment of their one true God redeemer and Saviour having turn their hearts of flesh to hearts of stone as hard as granite whereby was signified by the destruction of the House to My Name and My Holy City for then no longer were My people worthy to have the house to My Holy Name in their midst and no longer was Jerusalem considered Holy but a wanton harlot wandering after the ways of the Nations. But not so now Jerusalem is My Holy City once more and the House to My Holy Name shall once more exist in her and she shall be purified and cleansed no more shall she play the harlot wear the harlots gown, no more shall she wander after the ways of the Nations and the World for she shall return unto the Lord and Her God and she shall be as a holy pure virgin in My sight once more in her shall be established David’s throne and a Worthy Holy and Righteous King shall sit thereon and all Nations shall come and pay homage unto Him who sits thereon for He shall rule the Nations with a rod of Iron. Thus say I then unto My people scattered abroad it is time to return unto that Land I promised to Abraham and his descendants forever for this land is thine and is thy heritage for it belongs to none other and there is no longer the need for Me to provide a safe haven amongst the Nations and those who refuse to return and do wish to follow after the ways of the Nations they shall by Me cast off and abandoned as they have and do abandon Me. I shall take from out of My People their hearts of stone as hard as granite and replace them with hearts of flesh so that once more they are My People and I am the Lord and God and I am their true shepherd and they are the sheep of My Pasture which is all of the Land of Promise.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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