Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The meeting of the political party leaders should never have taken place as intentionally or unintentionally these have given the EU an advantage in the coming negotiations if ever they needed an extra advantage in the first place. Why? Because the British negotiating team is not made up of all the political party leaders especially those of the devolved governments and the Leader of the present negotiating team is far outclass by the EU’s team and Lead negotiator. One party Leader the one in opposition made a statement which implied that it was his mandate to represent the three million members of his party who trusted in him to do so which is in as far as he and his party in oppositions duty is to hold the party in government to account, but the Brexit negotiations are not about party politics alone and just his party it is about his and the rest of the MPs duty and responsibility in Government to negotiate a good Brexit deal for all of the people of the UK and that doesn’t mean Just his party but all of the political parties that represent the whole of the UK and the meeting with the EU negotiator as intentionally or unintentional s afore said has given the EU an advantage in the coming negotiations and unless the present teams is reformed and a leader chosen of equal standing with the EU’s head negotiator who has had a least the same level of experience in political financial and business negotiations as their opposite EU number and knows how to use all the weapons in their arsenal and all the tricks of the trade as so to speak to gain the upper hand and win a good deal for the UK. The EU head negotiator by meeting virtually all the parties that are opposed to the present governments position and strategy knows how disunited the United Kingdom real is at the present time and will use that knowledge gained in these meetings to his advantage and at present with the insight he has gained the UK doesn’t stand a chance in gaining a good deal. But what the EU wants is for the UK to remain in the EU and if the EU can divide the various devolved governments and the political parties enough and against each other they believe that there may be a possibility of the UK never leaving EU. A strong team with a strong determined leader is needed not only to lead these negotiation but a strong determined and wise Leader with a totally unity party behind them is also needed at the present time in Government to bring back the United in United Kingdom and Unite the whole country to stand together as one not only to win a great deal in as far as Brexit is concerned but lead the UK into the future as an independent rich strong powerful country which can stand tall in the World as Nation to be reckoned and to be traded with.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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