Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The EU’s demand as a condition of equal residential status for UK citizens residing in the EU that the status of EU citizens should have the same rights as those living in the EU and should be overseen by the EU’s courts of Justice after Brexit. Which indeed reveals the EU’s distrust of the British Courts of Justice which after Brexit will replace the EU’s. But will the EU tolerate the British Court of Justice overseeing the rights of UK citizens residing in the EU the issue being a matter of trust if the EU doesn’t trust the British Justice system as it will be after Brexit then how can how can the UK trust the EU’s courts of Justice to over see the rights of EU citizens which beggars the question is this where the negotiations become unstuck for the EU insist this matter has to be resolved before negotiations can continue. It not Just a matter of stating that either the EU citizens will be better off under the British Justice system or the UK citizens better off under the EU courts of Justice or the EU’s Justice system this point out one major principle to be in place throughout the Brexit negotiations both sides of the negotiations must be able to trust each other in all aspects of these negotiations or the only deal at the end of the day will be no deal at all not only on the part of the UK but on the part of the EU also and all who are involved know what that means.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


From the prophet of the Lord

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