Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the religious organizations of this Nation especially the main one of whom I said along with others that they all have been tried and have been tested and have been measured by My Holy Law and Commandments and have been found wanting. Yet thou hath not Listened unto Me saith the Holy One of Israel thine ears have be deaf to My warnings of the Judgment to come upon thee for to Me who do see thy inward parts spiritually and not just physically thy hearts unto Me seem like unto blocks of granite harder than the nether millstone. I have said unto thee repent and turn and cleanse thyselves of all that doth pollute thee be not as they who are holy on the outside and are but whitewashed graves dead on the inside spiritually cut of from Me; for true Faith is of the heart and the spirit and not of the body and the flesh; whose hearts are far from Me and are as the Sadducees and Pharisees and Zealots of old who put on a pretence of religion just to be glorified and praised by mankind and to be praised for their self sacrifices and so called good works who in performing such have but one motive their own glorification and to have power over others and considered as men and women of God holy and pure and unadulterated yet whose hearts are darker than the bottomless pit to which they are headed these in this life have their reward. But still in the next have to face Me in Judgment. These if they were of Me would not seek the praises and adoration of mankind rather would they avoid it for they would be humble and meek and self effacing having a true and upright heart only seeking the good and the benefit of others. But also there are many who follow not after Me who because of their selflessness and dedication to helping the sick the lame the disable the homeless the elderly the poverty stricken and many other acts of goodness do put to shame those who do profess to be of Me these say I shall not lose their reward at Mine hand for they shall receive tenfold in return for their unselfish acts peace long life and prosperity and if they do come to believe in Me everlasting Life for ever before My throne in My presence. Thus it is that I speak not of those who attended thy places of worship alone but of those who lead them who are twice dead plucked up by the roots ready to be cast into the fiery furnace of My Wrath and anger. But I say also that the evidence of immorality in the main religious organization and organizations of this Nation shall not remain hidden thus far have I brought out into the open much that hath been hidden of immorality corruption and wicked practices especially against the children and there is much more to be brought out into the open so that they bear the shame of their wicked practices of which all shall see and know for there is nothing that shall remain hidden that shall be brought out into the light. even If repentances and cleansing and purification are forth coming then wrath and anger punishment and destruction shall descend upon the guilty and the punishment shall not return thereof until all hath been accomplished in as far as the punishment required by My Holy Law and commandments. At the present the main religious organization of this Nation are unworthy to bear My Name and My authority THEREFORE SHALL BE WITHDRAWN


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.


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