Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as the statement of a former Prime Minister seeking to halt and reverse Brexit first what has to be considered is the red lines which the EU has set down beyond which it will not go in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned and two of them are the free movement of people and goods throughout the EU yes indeed there is a movement within the EU promoting the necessity of reform but the question is will it go far enough then there the restriction of the tariffs on global trade from within the EU based on the principle that no one member in as far as global trade is concerned should have an advantage over any other member state which in effect negates much of the profitability of global trade from within the EU. Brexits aim is to shake of the shackles of the EU in as far as global trade is concerned. But there are other issues to be considered and one is the former Prime Ministers record in as far as his involvement in the gulf war’s one of which was justified because of the invasion of Kuwait but didn’t go far enough in dealing with the Iraqi President the second was mishandled in the extreme by the then British Prime minister and the US president in that they went further than they should have done and that without the full support of Parliament and the Us Government justifying it by the claim that the Iraqi President had a massive arsenal of the weapons of mass destruction. Which lead lead to the second Gulf war and to the total collapse of the Iraqi government and its political structure and was abandoned to its own devises by the British and Us governments instead of staying and establishing a viable political structure and Government. So how can he trusted in the matter of Brexit but also a question must be asked which of the political remainer activists and others who of late have lost their seats in parliament or resigned as Leaders of their party have encouraged him to speak out as he has done so. But his claims as to the willingness when meeting with some of the leaders of member states of the EU they said they would be willing to be flexible on the demands by the British government on the restriction of the movement of people to the UK but not the free movement of goods, but even if some of the member states would be willing to do so they would not be able to circumvent one of the main conditions of membership of the single market strictly adhere to by the EU government which is the freedom of the movement of goods and people throughout the EU and even if there were reforms on the table in as far as this was concerned it would in no way go far enough to meet the negotiating position and demands of the UK which is a total restriction of the movement of people into the UK which if not in place would negate Britain’s border security and not persuade the UK to change its mind on leaving but this in and of itself is not the main issue, the main issue is the self determination of the British people to be solely in charge of their own destiny life and their own country in every aspect of their lives Government trade and finance and Justice system the freedom to make and enforce their own laws without interference from any other source or country or Union of which has been the British way of life for over a thousand years. Therefore not only would changing direction halting Brexit and seeking to rejoin EU if the UK could would fail to respect and to fulfil the wishes of the public but would also contradict a thousand and more years of British culture, tradition and freedoms fought for by many past generation. Britain has always stood proud and free and should remain a beacon of freedom in the present troubled world and times. But a warning as concerning reversing Brexit the EU would never forgive the UK no matter what it says for seeking to leave the EU and would make sure it could never happen again Britain would be totally dominated by the EU and would be a subject Nation and the laughing stock of the World.

This is the Word of the Lord God to Thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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