Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee of this Nation upon Brexit and membership of the single market and the customs Union are concerned that the UK must face up to this reality and that is in as far as the negotiations are concerned the only way of staying iin the single market is to remain within the EU. The EU will only make a trade agreement with the UK once it has left the EU and becomes an independent Nation. It is not that the EU wants the UK not to be a member of the single market it is it own membership rules and regulations in as far as membership of the single market is tied in with membership of the EU therefore if it gave concessions to Britain then all of the other member Nations would have to have the same concessions and if Britain was allowed to remain a member of the single market as an independent Nation then how many other member Nations would say to themselves if the UK can remain a member of the single market and yet leave the EU then why couldn’t they also follow the UK and leave the EU and yet remain within the single market and the customs Union. Thus the reality of the Brexit situation is this Britain now is between a rock and a hard place in that if it turns tail and reverses Brexit it not only fails the people of the UK in as far as the referendum is concerned but also the total dominance of the EU which will never let Britain forget its audacity in attempting to leave the EU and lack of resolve and weakness in not finishing what it started and it will make sure Britain and the rest of the Member states will never be able attempt to leave the EU ever again. Then there is the attitude of the rest of the World towards Britain if it does give in and reverse Brexit it will become a laughing stock of the World in that it claimed to be a strong independent Nation able to stand on its own two feet and make it own way in the World being the master of its own destiny that could become a global player in as far as trade and finance are concerned on the Worlds stage and then at the first stumbling block turned tail and ran. That is the hard place of the reality of Britain’s position in as far as Brexit is concerned the rock is to end what it began and leave the EU lock stock and barrel in the only way it in reality can and become an independent Britain and then negotiate with the EU as other Nations have done for a free trade agreement with the EU. The EU will like the carrot before the donkey hold the carrot of the benefits of negotiating a deal that will benefit both the EU and the UK on leaving the EU just so long as it can get as much as it can from the UK before it leaves without giving one iota in return. There is no harm in seeking to negotiate on a friendly basis with the EU so long as the UK is aware that the outcome in the eyes and mind of the EU is to them cut and dried and already set down and they will in no way deviate from their chosen path as shall become self evident in future negotiations. But also the only course now for Britain is self evident and that is to leave the EU and become a proud self governing independent Nation in control of its own destiny and become a global trading Nation and a major player on the World’s stage.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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