Thus saith the Lord God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time though various politicians have met with the leaders of the Member states or Nations of the EU sounding them out if they would be willing to give the UK certain concessions on the free movement of goods and people in and out of the UK especially the free movement of people allowing certain restrictions to be put in place to make the UK’s borders secure so that the UK could remain a member of the single market. No matter what they are willing to concede it is not up to the individual member states or Nations but up to the EU government as a whole. What has to be understood is one of the main conditions of membership set down by the EU Government and is adamant that it will not give any concessions or grounds on even to any Member state of the EU upon is the free movement of goods and people as a condition of the membership of the single market and if it will not give its members any concessions in as far as membership is concerned it certainly will not do so for the UK, unless there were massive reforms on membership of the single market that would apply to all member states and Nations. Therefore in as far as the Brexit Negotiations are concerned membership of the single market will be off the agenda in as far as the UK is concerned. The devolved Governments and certain parties are under the illusion that they can make a separate agreement with the EU on being in or remaining in the single market. First and foremost they would have to be a fully paid up member of the EU which can only happen now if they leave the UK and become an independent Nation and apply for EU membership which is not guaranteed to happen and may take a substantial time period to accomplish. But it is the EU’s silence on this subject that speaks volumes especially in as far as the statement of one former UK prime minister. But there will be certain member states Leaders having visits from the EU Government. But even if there were massive reforms and the UK given concessions on single market membership it as afore said would in no way go far enough to persuade the UK to change its mind on leaving the EU as this in itself is not the main issue, the main issue is the self determination of the British people to be solely in charge of their own destiny lives and their own country in every aspect of their lives Government trade and finance and Justice system the freedom to make and enforce their own laws without interference from any other source or country or Union of which has been the British way of life for over a thousand years. Therefore not only would changing direction halting Brexit and seeking to rejoin EU if the UK could would fail to respect and to fulfil the wishes of the public but would also contradict a thousand and more years of British culture, tradition and freedoms fought for by many past generation. Britain has always stood proud and free and should remain a beacon of freedom in the present trouble world and times. But a warning as concerning reversing Brexit the EU would never forgive no matter what it says for the UK seeking to leave the EU and would make sure it could never happen again Britain would be totally dominated by the EU and would be a subject Nation and the laughing stock of the World.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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