Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The say I unto thee as I have set before thee afore times and hath said unto thee it is I who raise one up and do cast another down as thou hath seen in the recent past in thy general election for I said did I not that the outcome of that election I had set and ordained from the very beginning and that I alone knew the outcome thereof and that for many there would be great shocks in store when the results were announced and hath it not been so was one not cast down from a great height because of over confidence arrogance and pride, thus as I have said I cast down and I raise up thus if the one cast down is willing to humble themselves before Me saith the Holy One of Israel the creator of the Universe and all that in it is, repents of their pride and arrogance and take heed of all of My Holy Word and Law then forgiveness shall be forth coming and a restoration shall ensued. Thus say I My wrath and anger doth rain down on the unrighteous the unrepentant the disobedient and the unbeliever but My Blessing doth arise upon the humble the repentant and the obedient and all of those who believe in Me through the blood of the true Messiah even the only true Passover Lamb even as the Sun arises at the dawn of a new day or the sun appears after storm clouds vanish. But this do I say to the EU government as I have so done with the UK elections so shall I do with the forth coming Brexit negotiations I it is who hath set the outcome and the deal that the UK is to receive and not those of the EU government for many of those of the government of the EU there shall at the end thereof great shocks in store and well should they consider with whom they have to do in as far as these negotiations are concerned. For it is said in My Word it is a most terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God but also it is an even more terrible thing upon who I descend in wrath and anger. Mt Word doth say do unto others as thou would have done unto thee, thus shall it be as thou shalt deal with the UK so shall I deal with the if in an unfair devious and underhanded way with the intention of how wouldst thou say it seeking to rip I think the word is the UK off that I shall so deal with thee as thou has done with them but with an increase of tenfold but and if fairly and honestly and openly having no intention to punish the UK for leaving the EU as thou hast at present that I shall prosper thee so that in no way thou shalt loose the reward of My Blessing upon thee and all who belong unto thy Union. But remember the words of Daniels revelation and the stone made without hands that struck the feet of the image and the fall thereof and the Kingdom thereafter that I shall set up which shall never be destroyed nor left to any other people and that shall consume all Kingdoms and Nations and shall stand for ever.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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