Thus saith Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I as afore said remember the words of Daniels revelation and the stone made without hands that struck the feet of the image and the fall thereof and the Kingdom thereafter that I am setting up which shall never be destroyed nor left to any other people and that shall consume all Kingdoms and Nations of the Earth and shall stand for ever. Look unto the interpretation thereof and that is this. The first great kingdom represented by the head of Gold was the Babylonian and all the kingdoms which followed are all the Empires of mankind which have arisen and fallen and vanished from the face of the Earth since then until the last one which was the greatest and largest of them all the British Empire and its fall which began in and after the first World War and was completed after the second World war when because of the cost of the second World war and the diminishing authority it had over its territories especially India could no longer hold the Empire together thus the separate territories formed the commonwealth under the auspices of the UK all agreeing that the head of the Commonwealth should be the United Kingdom’s Queen but as the Nations of the commonwealth are like unto iron and miry clay parts of the commonwealth shall be and have been strong and parts have been and shall be weak and as clay and iron don’t mix then these shall in the end no longer be a part of the commonwealth but shall seek their own independence. The part of the toes of the feet of the Image which are likened to iron are the strong Nations of the Earth such as America China, Russia the United Kingdom and the European Union and the parts likened unto clay are the weak Nations of the Earth. Like the volatile Nations of the Middle East and South America and Africa which can never cleave one to the other. Thus all the Nations of the Earth have sought in these End days to become United together as one as they have done in forming the United Nations. But they shall as they have done never become truly united under one leader for as iron and soft clay can never be mixed together neither can these Nations be truly United and shall never form one United Global Nation no matter how they seek to do so, but in the End shall be split one from the other. Thus to finish as the book of Daniel says in the days of these Kings or Leaders of the Nations shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom/Nation which shall never be destroyed and not given to any other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all the Kingdoms and Nations of the Earth and will stand forever. Thus the last part summarises the whole in as far as the stone made without hands is My Kingdom or Nation like unto a stone made without hands cast against the feet of the Image which is liken unto all the Kingdoms, Nations and Empires of the Earth causing them all to fall and be consumed and destroyed and replace with My everlasting Kingdom/Nation.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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