Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this present time that in as far as the British General Election results where set from the very beginning and also as is set down the outcome of the Brexit Negotiations and as I said there would be a shock in store for many in Government and that I alone knew the outcome of that election that it was set for the rise and fall of many in government so also did it come to pass as it was ordained to do so. So also is as I afore said are the Brexit negotiations set in their course and shall not deviate from that path for also there are going to be many shocks in store for both sides and many disappointments before these negotiations are concluded and that I saith the Lord God of the whole of creation set down this to come to pass from the very beginning as was the outcome of the British General Election. Before the Universe came into existence I AM for Me there is no past present or future all are one to Me. Thus it is that in eternity as on earth before any building can be built on Earth an architect has to design a building and create plans to be approved by the relevant authorities, so also I did in all eternity design and create plans for all of creation the Universe and did lay the foundations thereof an did create all that came into existence in it the Earth the galaxies the planets the stars the comets the asteroids the meteors ever fraction of space betwixt them to the Nth degree even unto perfection down to the minutest detail and did set all the planets and galaxies in the their course which is fixed and cannot be altered by even as thou puts it a micron or the tiniest fraction of a second everything from the beginning is fixed in its course and will follow that set course to the end of its existence as will the Universe for there is perfect order in all of the Universe of which I know and have set down even the end from the very beginning for it is the building built upon the foundation I did set down even the rock of ages an immovable foundation and it is that I alone know the course and path of all creation and only reveal unto mankind what is necessary for mankind to know. But this point has to be made no matter what thou sayest or believe or what thy scientist teach nothing by thy beliefs the teachings of thy scientists or the theories they produce will alter one iota of the fabric and course of the Universe or the course as set down by Me from the beginning of the whole of mankind to walk upon through their life’s journey as My Word saith there is a time to conceive and there is a time to be born there is a time to for all of mankind to toil throughout their lives for their daily bread there is a time to cast down and a time to pick up and a time to give and a time to receive there is a time to marry and a time to give in marriage there is a time to hold on to loved ones and a time to let them go and there is a time to live and a time to die and then come before Me in Judgment all of existence by Me is set and by Me known for every creature upon the face of the Earth the times and seasons are set by Me and are known by Me as also the whole of the lives of mankind from beginning to end. every single iota of the Universe and all that is within it is one integrate whole that can never be altered or halted till all that hath been set down from all eternity hath been accomplished. Mankind are not the masters of their destiny saith THE I AM THAT I AM I alone am everywhere and every when in the whole of the universe at once and in charge of all that in the universe is. Thus now at this time it is that harvest is ready for the reaping as My Words say one sows and another reaps and so it hath been from the time of Messiah till now the seed hath been sown and now it is that the harvest is ready for the reaping the wheat to be separated from the chaff the wheat to be gathered into My Barns and the chaff to be burned in the fire. Thus it is those of My people that truly belong to Me to be gather in to My everlasting Kingdom and wicked and disobedient to be gathered up and bound like unto chaff ready to be cast out into the fiery furnace of My Wrath and anger even the bottomless pit which thou callest hell, were there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth where the fire of torment goes not out forever and the worm of regret dieth not.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.


from the prophet of the Lord

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