Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I as this time in as far as the birth and lives of all mankind in the respect of being created both male and female this cannot and will never be altered throughout all eternity and the condemnation of the medical organizations of the World to change the medically the sexuality of human beings shall count as nought for when they pass from this life it shall be reversed. But upon their heads shall when they come before Me be total condemnation and the Judgment shall be eternal damnation for meddling in what they ought not and in seeking to alter My chief creation. In other Words playing at being Me which will also in this life from this time forth suffer My curse for their practices. But those who are by medical means altered as afore said they shall after death be resurrected and brought before Me what they were created physically and spiritually and personality wise at birth to become as adults in as far as their life on Earth was concerned and shall be thus Judged males as males and females as females. For there are those in this World that state everyone should live according to their feelings and take no notice of anything else such as wisdom or the feelings of others or faith or religion of even Me Myself or My Word or My Law and Commandments and that they should follow their feelings alone whose Judgment and condemnation shall be Justly carried out. Thus it is all by My grace and Mercy and Love at birth both male and female are created by Me and their parents being the means whereby I bring all human beings into the World giving them all the gift of life, parents are not creators but pro-creators who have been given the means to bring forth children and the responsibility for their care and upbringing and discipline until they are ready to leave home becoming no longer the responsibility of their parents but responsible for themselves and their actions throughout the rest of their lives. No one asks to be born and no one can die until it is their time as set down by Me in eternity, no matter how some may seek to do so. In My Word suicide is self murder and as such shall those who commit such so be Judged. Thus this warning goes out those who abandon Me My Law and Commandments no matter the reason I shall abandon them giving them over unto their own lusts and feelings and the wickedness of their own hearts so that their cup of My wrath and anger maybe filled up to overflowing ready to be poured out upon them at the time of their Just Judgment.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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