Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and creator of all that is was and ever shall be. Did I not say unto thee that the Judgement of the Nations has begun and all shall be Judged and if found guilty of breaking My Holy Law and Commandments and also guilty of the sin/crime of unbelief as is self evident to this day and at this time shall and hath suffered the punishment thereof of My wrath and anger inflicted at the moment on certain of the Nations. But at the outset did I not say unto thee that this is the day of Jacob’s trouble the day that has long been prophesied to come upon the Nations of the Earth. Thus it is that the only way any Nation can and will escape My wrath and anger being poured out upon them is to turn from their disobedience of My Holy Law and Commandments and to obey sincerely from heart all of My Holy Law and commandments as are written down in My Word and the ten commandments which are also set in stone and that unto perfection in spirit and truth so shall all of mankind be Judged. But now not only when all of mankind comes before Me in Judgment to be Judged shall wrath and anger be poured out, but even now in this life, for now it is that I shall not hold back My wrath and anger from descending upon all the disobedient and gain saying Nations of the Earth yea even the whole of mankind from the greatest and the highest to the least and the lowest of mankind wind and fire storm and earthquake pestilence disease famine and drought volcanoes and the cleansing of the land by raging fire storms in diverse and many places. For many years I have kept silent for many years mankind hath done what they wished to do upon the Earth and into mankind’s hands I have given mankind the freedom to prove or disprove mankind’s worth and capability to take care of the Earth and all the creatures therein and live in harmony and at peace with each other caring for each other as they would themselves. But instead what hath mankind done sought to destroy the environment upon which the very existence of mankind and the creatures of the Earth depend, instead of living in peace and harmony with each other, seeking to destroy each other through wars and conflicts ever being aggressive with each other committing all manner of harm to each other, murdering, raping stealing committing all kinds of moral acts and perversions, committing witchcraft adultery stealing from each other being envious of every man his neighbour altering the very Nature and look of thy physical appearances and in the past sinking down to the extent of cannibalism and the falling down before false gods and committing all manner of idolatry, mankind’s crimes against each other and against the Earth and the creatures that live therein and against the environment are without number but yet are all written down ready for the Judgment of the whole of mankind and not one shall escape My Just Judgement and the punishment of all of the crimes which mankind hath committed yet there is for this generation and civilization a means of escape and redemption through the only true Passover Lamb Messiah and redeemer which if not taken will seal this civilizations certain destruction.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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