Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel to thee in as far as the pouring out of My wrath and anger upon all of mankind Nation by Nation as thus is being accomplished at this time and shall go on till all that is set down in My Word and according to My will and purposes have been completed towards all the Nations one by one and none shall be passed by nor overlooked for the signs of this coming age have been before thy face from time immemorial and even more so recently. But it is that if I had struck the Nations without warning of the impending catastrophes and devastation to come upon thee thou would have had the excuse of ignorance saying that I had not warned thee so that thou could have turned and repented but not so now and even more so at this time another sign has been put before thee that of the coming fall in the birth rate for as the end nears so there is less and less a necessity for children to be born and that the set number from the beginning of creation till the end of days shall and hath been thus far completed. But the Judgment to come upon mankind for their recent destruction of the Earth’s environment in that to a certain extent mankind will be the cause of their down fall in that respect and have themselves alone to blame and not Just My Just Judgment and condemnation thus so it hath come to pass for one of the major causes of the descending of My wrath and anger upon mankind is the destruction of My creation, even that which mankind doth call Nature and the environment in that the attempts by mankind now to reverse the damage mankind has cause; though commendable; through mankind’s misuse of the natural resources of the Earth, pollution of the atmosphere upon which all creatures upon the Earth and the plant life depend for their existence especial mankind. attempts at reversing the poisoning of the fountain of waters which as it increase will have devastating effects in as far as the marine life that lives therein and the land after causing poisoning pollutants to be carried into the atmosphere and to be rained down upon the land thus also poisoning the land it falls upon yes indeed the fountain of waters as referred to in My Word and the poisoning thereof are the seas and oceans and lakes and rivers and streams of the World thus it is that mankind’s attempts to reverse the destruction and devastation to the Earth its creatures the environment and even that pollution of Earths orrbit is an attempts to reverse the irreversible that damage done to the Earth is beyond recovery and now heads in but one direction and will accelerate right until the end thereof. There is only one way to undo what mankind has done to the Earth and that will in the end come to pass as is set down in My Word. What do you do when something is broken beyond repair or mending you replace it with another exactly the same thus it will be with the Earth.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.


From the prophet of the Lord.

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