Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as concerning the Northern Irish border with the South and the suggestion by the Irish Government of a Sea Border between Ireland and the UK bespeaks two reason for this suggestion if it can be called such. One is the EU’s using any and all means and political and other official supporters which have political and other means of seeking to persuade the UK to reverse Brexit as it sought and still does use Gibraltar as a pawn in its machinations of trying to keep the UK in the EU. The second is the Border between the North and South of Ireland as with Gibraltar so with Ireland the only Border that can exist and will exist if Brexit goes ahead is a hard Border for a soft border negates on the part of the EU their policy of the freedom of goods and people in that there would be no freedom of the movement of people throughout the EU’s Irish mainland North and South for the UK’s border policy is contrary to the EU’s in the restriction of the movement of people throughout Ireland and in as far as the EU is concerned the UK if a soft border existed would have unfair access to the single market via the soft Irish border. Which would be contrary to the membership terms and conditions of Irish membership of the single market to which the rest of the EU members have to adhere to, thus to have a soft border would mean Britain retaining membership of the single market and the only way that can happen is by staying in the EU. But there is also another reason for the suggestion of a sea border between the UK and Ireland North and South and that is either Northern Ireland remains a member of the EU and the single market which would mean Northern Irish independence for that is the only way that could happen after Brexit but then the Irish Government would say why not in that case go all the way and Unite North and South to become once again a United Ireland but that would not be agreed to by the Northern Irish assembly nor the British government so the Irish Government and the EU government would then state the only Brexit option is a hard border in keeping with the terms and conditions of EU membership and then the EU would then say if Britain is so desperate to retain a soft Irish Border then why leave the EU at all why not reverse Brexit.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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