Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that at this time of My wrath being poured out upon the Nations by whirlwind and scorching of the Earth by the heat of the Sun and by hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, by plague pestilence, famine and by disease and earthquake and by volcanoes by tidal waves or what thou dost call tsunamis and by drought have they and are they not all coming to pass for these are the weapons in My arsenal what thou dost call Natural disasters. These are the means whereby I punish mankind for their breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and unbelief the reason for mankind calling these natural disasters natural events is because mankind refuses to accept that these disasters is punishment for their breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandment and because of their unbelief that even I exist. Thus it was with the Egyptians when I sent Moses to deliver My People from slavery they at first believed not because of their blindness and unbelief and hardness of heart and the following after false gods committing all manner of immoral practices but in the end there was no alternative but to believe that it was I who was punishing them for the slavery of My people and their refusal to let them go out from Egypt to the Land of Promise but that was but a mere example of the destruction of the other weapons in My arsenal which are and have caused the destruction of asteroids comets moons planets suns and galaxies yea indeed the destruction of a galaxy can be caused by Me in an instant. For I have but to command and it is done say and it comes to pass and none can hinder it. Thus by the fiery heat of the Sun the drying out of the forests and grass lands from drought and the striking of the earth by lightening or the carelessness or the deliberate actions of mankind the fire is kindled and destroys all in its path and none can hinder or stop its advance until it has accomplished its task for beforehand the land hath been prepared for the burning and nought can stop it and the cause for My striking of the Nations in diverse places of the Earth and the Nations thereof is mankind’s immoral wickedness and their disobedience of My Holy Law and commandments. One maybe two or even three or four disasters striking the Nations can be explained away and blamed on other causes than the outpouring of My Wrath but not such as that with hath come to pass the past few decades each following the other in quick succession and then abating giving mankind a breathing space and when mankind continues on the path they are on despite the warnings and the disasters seeking by Me for mankind to turn from their wicked immorality and disobedient and unbelieving wickedness then these disaster increase and continue until the End and mankind comes before Me in Judgement after all that hath been set down and revealed in My Holy Word hath been fulfilled. Thus no matter what means mankind seeks to hide the truth from others or from themselves it will come to nought for in the end the truth will out and those who seek to hide it brought to shame. as afore said

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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