Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I unto this government of the UK that thou hast to make thy mind up stop rowing over Brexit as I said unto thee in times past a United Nation cannot fall and be defeated and a divided Nation and Government cannot stand and will always face defeat and that means both those governing the country and those in opposition the whole of parliament has to be United over the issue of Brexit no if’s and’s but’s or are’s its either a hard Brexit make no mistake no matter what the EU states in as far as tempting Britain to a whole plethora of negotiations over leaving the EU and that way is the same way Britain Joined hard and which will result in prosperity for the UK for the EU is to Britain the chains that bind holding back Britain’s advancement and prosperity in the World and no Brexit and keeping those chains that bind and being subservient to the EU government and Brussels always having that regret that the UK Government a whole hadn’t the courage to take that one step and leave lock stock and barrel. The only Brexit that the EU government wants to give to the UK is a hard one but before it does taking as much as it can get out of Britain in the form of what it claims Britain owes the EU. Britain owes the EU nothing the EU owes Britain for joining in the first place because of all that Britain has contributed to the EU over the years. So which is it to be a hard Brexit or seeking for the pipe dream of a soft Brexit deal and being ripped off and in the end facing a hard Brexit at the end of negotiations or no Brexit and subservience to the EU government and facing the shame of not having the guts to leave. As for the French seeking to entice British business away from the UK that’s nothing new the French the Spanish along with others have in the past always been envious of the British and have many times sought and fail to conquer this Nation. So in the end it comes down to either a hard Brexit or No Brexit there are no in-betweens whatsoever no matter what and one states and a hard Brexit is the deal the UK with end up with at the end of protracted EU negotiations with Britain in the end if the has its way losing out in every sense of the word. The choice I would tell thee to make is a hard Brexit and that as soon as possible for thine own prosperities sake.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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