Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as concerning Britain leaving the EU is like one major past event when I freed Israel from slavery in Egypt through Moses. Egypt in this case is the EU Britain is Israel and the promised land is Britain’s future prosperity article fifty was the first declaration by Britain of its desire to be free from the EU and the Brexit negotiations and Egypt’s pursuit of Israel is the EU seeking to bring back the UK into the EU for like the Egyptians after Israel left Egypt the Egyptians realised because of their dependence on their slaves meant that they could not live without them. So also with the EU it realises it cannot because of its reliance upon Britain being a part of the EU the EU has realised it cannot do without the UK being a member of the EU and will do anything it can to get Britain to reverse Brexit. The red sea crossing will in comparison be like to Britain’s final exit from the EU and the point of no return. But as with Israel travelling to Horeb so also amongst the tribe of Israel are those who were not happy about leaving Egypt especially after Moses first meeting with pharaoh when he told pharaoh that I had sent him to tell pharaoh to free My People Israel and he refused and sought to turn Israel against Moses by demanding that they gather their own straw from the fields at night because they still had to meet their daily tally of bricks and because of this many turned against Moses like unto the EU remainers who first agreed to the outcome of the EU vote no matter the result until it when the wrong way and like the dissidents of Moses day they are reluctantly accepting that Brexit will happen and will remain until the UK is out of the EU but that rebellion will resurface once the Journey too the Promised Land of British prosperity has begun and the reaching of Horeb is the realisation that the journey will not be a short or an easy one and that is when the remainers will seek to persuade Britain to rejoin the EU stating the UK was better off in the EU than facing a uncertain wilderness journey to freedom and the promised land of British global prosperity outside of the EU. But Unlike the Leaders of the rebels that I destroyed in the wilderness, because of their rebellion , idolatry and their lack of trust in Me to bring them to the Promised Land thy rebels will not share their fate. But this I do say if this rebellion does arise then they will be the cause of an extended journey to British economical global prosperity and once more becoming a leading player on the Words stage in as far as global trade and finance is concerned.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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