Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations of Europe the Commandment “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person” as is set down in My Holy Law and Commandments and as thus I set down also in My Word even that which is commonly known by all as My Command “do unto others as ye would have done unto thyself” along with “what measure ye meet out to others shall be measured out unto thee” by Me saith the Holy One of Israel. But it is that this saying of Mine shall be applied unto the EU in the Brexit negotiations whatever the intentions of the EU government are towards the UK it shall at Mine own hand rebound upon them to their hurt if they intend to give the UK a bad deal and not a fair deal and that in commparison with the deals they have offered other Nations recently in as far as trade and finance are concerned, it shall be returned upon their own heads in that their trade and financial dealings with other Nations shall suffer drastically and if they intend as this generation would say it to rip off the UK by demanding unfair reparations for leaving the EU and demanding the meeting of unwarranted commitments that there is no necessity for the UK to pay then the economies of all the Nations of the EU shall suffer. Their intentions towards the UK as said afore shall rebound on their own heads and in the end suffer far more than the EU intended for the UK to suffer because of Brexit even according to the saying of Mine above so declared. As said My terrible swift sharp and polished sword is set to strike the Nations of the Middle East be very careful there is no necessity to order the one who wields it to strike in direction of the whole of the European Nations. Thus understand this that if I apply it as I intended to do so this commandment of Mine if not obeyed shall result in dire consequences for those who obey it not for ye consider without due consideration the extent to which this applies and ye think that this applies only to thine actions and not to the thoughts and intents of thy heart to which I say indeed that it does and if I had not been merciful unto thee and holding back on the application of this commandment and applied it unto perfection there would have been many of mankind suffering the consequences of the thought and intents of their hearts and minds towards others never mind their actions, but it is from this time forth to teach mankind a lesson I shall apply the full measure of this saying and what doth that mean? It means this for whatever action ye take against any other human being that is harmful, hurtful or unjust or contrary to My Holy Word Law and Commandments the same shall be measured out to thee thus if the thoughts and intents of thy heart is to do good unto others both in thought, word and deed then the same shall be returned unto thee but if thy thoughts and intents to other is to do them harm or think evil thoughts towards them thus it shall be returned unto thee. But herein shall be the difference for the evil intents of thy heart will reap the same reward from those thou dost thing evil or harmful thoughts towards and ye will say in thine heart that their thoughts cannot harm thee yea indeed they cannot physically but it is that the thoughts and intents of the hearts of mankind are not hidden from Me and it is that I for these thoughts shall measure out Just Judgment upon thee both in this life and the next.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet f the Lord

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