Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee of the Nations and especially unto the accusers of Qatar’s involvement in supporting terrorism any one accused of a crime in thy courts is innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are as with a person so also is it with a Nation if the accusers of Qatar or its media is involved in supporting of or partaking in terrorism in and shape or form then if there is concrete incontrovertible evidence supporting those accusations they should be presented to the United Nations and to the World of Qatar or its medias guilt and that Nation and it media should be duly punished but and if there is no incontrovertible concrete evidence and the accusations are groundless based on hear say of or are fabrications of that Nations accusers because they have a grudge against that Nation then the accusers are guilty of false accusations and to them applies My Commandment not to Judge others least ye shall be Judged for with what Judgment ye Judge others shall be returned upon thine own head, thus to put this in context of that saying of Mine I know of that which Qatar is innocent and guilty of and according to My Just Judgment for its crimes both in the breaking of My Holy Law and against mankind it shall so be punished when I decide it is due to be punished and not before. But and also I know all the crimes of the accusers of this Nation that they are also not guiltless even all of Qatar’s accusers even the government of My Own people who shall face My Just Judgment of them for the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments and their crimes against mankind in general but it is I alone who shall Judge them and punish them according to that required of My Holy Law and commandments. Thus say I again if there is concrete evidence of Qatar’s and its medias involvement in the support of terrorism it should be presented to the UN and the World for it to decide the appropriate action to be taken in the punishment of that Nation or it there is no substantial concrete evidence to support these accusations then those accusers should withdraw their accusations and actions against that Nation for as the saying goes Judge not least ye shall be Judge for it is I who shall Judge and punish all false accusers especially these accuser if their accusations are false and bring all of thy crimes against My Holy Law and Commandments and against mankind to light and into the open and shall punish thee according to that demanded by My Holy Law and Commandments for I am the Just God and Judge of the whole of My creation and especially Mine own people and Nation and Justice shall be done and seen to be done.

This s the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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