Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that the scientists claims and predictions in as far as climate change and global warming is totally false and as false as the false prophets of old who claimed that I had spoken unto and through them when I had not and whom I proved were so and did cause them to perish at Mine own Hand. All of Nature is under My control and nothing upon this Earth is done without My say so either I have caused it to come to pass or I have commanded it to be so. Like as said in My Word the wind and waves of the sea are at My command and call, as I said I command and it is so , I say and it comes to pass. Without Me nothing could or can exist that does exist. I saith the Lord of the Host of the Heaven of Heavens it is that have fixed all things in their course which cannot be altered in any way shape or form. Thus the claims of climate change being attributed to mankind’s misuse of fossil fuels and natural resources is false in that mankind can in no way shape or form affect the climate of the Earth no matter the claims of thy scientists. The cause of My wrath and anger in the form of the disasters of the past present and future are the actions of mankind in the disobedience of My Holy Law and Commandments and mankind’s treatment of My creation entrusted to mankind’s care and protection, mankind’s immorality wickedness and the passing of laws contrary to that which I have so set down in My Word as concerning My Moral Law. The Laws of mankind now are not My Laws and Mine not mankind’s but all shall be Judged by Mine, and the result of that Judgment are the disasters that thou hath and do attribute to climate change and global warming, descending upon thee and they will increase as the immorality and great wickedness of mankind increases. Did I not say unto thee that My terribly Sharpe swift polished sword has been place in the hand of him who is to wield it and at My Command shall with it strike those Nations I so command to be struck and the form of the striking shall be and hath been the scorching of the Earth to dry out the land ready for the burning by the heat of the sun and fires caused by lightening and other means. Of tornados and of hurricanes of the arising of massive storms causing havoc on land and at sea. But the claim of climate change cannot be attribute to volcanoes and earthquakes and land slips and sink holes plagues and pestilences, also what about the past when there were no so called greenhouse gasses through mankind’s miss usage of fossil fuels ad misuse of natural resource and yet the same disasters happened then as they are now. I it is saith the Holy One of Israel shall have thy all of the scientist to be held in contempt by all of mankind. Thus it is that this civilizations end is swiftly approaching it shall fall and never rise again but a remnant can be save and preserved and protected but only if they serve Me in spirit and in truth being upright in all of their being and heart being of the and believing in the only true Messiah by the faith I have and shall give unto them. But what will it take to convince thee that the disasters that have struck the Earth is the pouring out of full fury My wrath and anger for mankind’s great wickedness, would destroying the major cities of a Nation of the Earth in the way I so destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah convince thee?

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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