Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus at this time I put this before thee that the U.A.E.’s involvement in backing the Yemeni government against the rebels using that terrorist group Al-Qaeda as an excuse when in fact they have only one objective and that is to have access to the Gas and Oil fields of South Yemen would they still back up that government if there was no gas or oil fields which can be caused by deep deep earthquakes sinking beyond the reach of any oil or gas drilling rig or even to disappear all together of which I can and will do saith the Lord God of creation if peace is not returned to that country and the suffering of the people of that Nation brought to an end and access given to emergency medical services and organizations and charities to aid the people of that Nation in their recovery from the devastation of this civil war. But the root cause of the devastation besides the rebellion against the government is oil and gas which are the motives of the governments which are involved in the civil war in that country who back that government upon the promise given of access to Yemenis oil and gas fields, is it also that the reason the U.A.E. is involved and Saudi Arabia is, is because their oil fields are drying up which if no new fields are discovered could result in the bankruptcy of their countries which also begs the question why suddenly the accusations against Qatar and its media is their situation in the respect of their gas and oil fields getting so desperate that they have to accuse a Nation of terrorist activity and get in involved in a civil war which otherwise they would have avoided at all cost and of which they have done so in the past when the prosperity of the Middle Eastern Nations was secure. But also My anger is against the Nations of the rest of the World which stand on the side lines witnessing the suffering of the Yemeni people and doing nothing to stop it. Is this a repeat of the city of Aleppo but escalated to a National level and will any of those responsible and those which do nothing to stop it escape the full fury of My wrath and anger being directed at them.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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