Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the claims that North Korea has a miniature nuclear weapon small enough to fit into an intercontinental ballistic missile by the international community should be taken as mere speculation until proof positive is produced and on the part of North Korea untill it actual tests such a weapon publicly should be treated as none existent and even if such a test took place such a weapon in the hands of the Tyrant of North Korea posses more danger to that Nation than any other Nation mainly unless that weapon has the capability of having the ability of being able to avoid various missile advanced ballistic missile defence systems it is no threat to any other Nation on Earth and more of a danger to itself in that if attempting to attack any other Nation would result in such retaliation that would result in a event that would put the second world wars nuclear bombing of Japan seem like a summer breeze to a hurricane its all very well North Korea grandstanding its so called weaponry but what defence has it against mass retaliation. What the World has to be concerning about is not North Koreas threat to the World but its threat to it own existence for the outcome of an attack let us say on American would result in the total obliteration of North Korea itself. But also what the rest of the Nations of the World have to do is to asses the economic situation of North Korea and why North Korea and its leaders are taking this course of action by in essence threatening the Nations of the World the question must be asked is it taking the same path as did Germany when it was on the verge of facing dire poverty, depression and economic collapse who saw Hitler as its saviour which resulted in World War two and afterwards resulted in its total devastation facing years of reconstruction.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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