Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee that the path that North Korea is on was in the past followed by another Nation whose leader did it by the remilitarization of that Nation promising that he would gain back the respect of the Nations of the World and all of its former territories that it was robbed of in the first World War but the militarization which it promised to restore keeping it within the restrictions of the former signed treaty after its defeat in the first World war was on the surface kept to but in some respects went beyond treaty restrictions deliberately just to see what it could get away with. But in secret was constructing a modern army ready to repossess its former territories by force of which one politician warned the British Government of what that Nations leader was really up to and was constructing a then modern army ready to regain by force its former territories and also warned the British government if the British forces in Europe were attacked would be unprepared and unable to defend itself against the type of weaponry and military force which he discovered that Nation was constructing and was laughed at and totally ignored which in the end proved him right. Thus it is because of the promises of North Koreas Leader to his people, his claims of future prosperity and gaining the respect of the Nations of the World by becoming a Nuclear Power able to defend itself and by being able to threatening such a powerful Nation as America and Japan that if they attacked it, it would use its nuclear weapons to defend itself against what it calls American aggression. With the response of America and Britain and the rest of the Nations doing exactly what they did with that former leader. Believing his promises of none aggression against any other Nation not gearing up to regain by force if necessary former territories that to assure all that he would sign a peace treaty to that effect The rest everyone knows what happened after peace in our time was declared by one politician This then points to the similarities between the two Nations past and present and the true objectives of North Korea to reunite the whole of Korea North and South which it believes belongs to North Korea you could call the South in as far as the North is concerned its former territory which it was robbed of by American aggression and belongs rightfully to the North. But will it end there or will North Korea seek revenge by attacking America’s allies in the first place and then America itself. But if it did then gain reunification would the militarization of the whole of Korea happen and if it did how much more would then Korea threaten America and possibly result in another World War. But all of this is based on the assumption that it has Nuclear Ballistic Missiles with miniaturised Nuclear warheads installed which it still has to prove it has.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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