Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I says the Holy One of Israel the true God and saviour of all of My children even those who belong unto Me who are washed in the blood of the true Passover Lamb, thus say I to the Nations that are involved in the volatile situation between North Korea and America and the way North Korea has provoked America. It is all very well and to a certain extent understandable the way America has and is reacting to North Korean provocation. But the rhetoric and the action thus far taken on both side is provocation on one side and aggressive reaction on the other side without due consideration of what would be the outcome if hostilities between America and North Korea resulted in all out war. One question must be asked is where will Chinas position be in relation to North Korea taking into account they are allies to a certain extent and that they are both far eastern communist states. Thus far China’s action in seeking to calm North Korean provocation has only been token gestures without any real or concrete efforts to reign in its Neighbour and ally. Its efforts have been more towards seeking to get America to take a less aggressive stance and consider opening dialogue with North Korea in an effort to diffuse the situation. Then the question also must be asked is North Koreas provocative action been made with the knowledge that if hostiles do break out it will have the backing of its big brother China and will China take sides with North Korea against America taking into account its actions in the south China seas to which it lays claim. Then the vulnerable positions of South Korea if hostilities do break out what happens to that Nation will it become another Korean battle ground. Then there is Russia where will it stand taking into account its present relationship with America and Last but not least the EU and the UK. I alone know the final outcome of this situation and it shall be contrary to that which all the Nations at this time envisage. It is said amongst thee that there is a New World order coming into being and so it is but it shall not be one that favours the aggressor nor the war monger nor the immoral or the Law breaker especial those breakers of My Holy Law and Commandments saith the Lord God of the Whole of creation.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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