Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time that thou of the EU government has taken none heed of My Word that I have set before thee and do continue to put into place that plan thou hast devised to follow in the coming negotiations over the UK leaving the EU. Look I say unto the disasters with which I have thus punished various Nations of the Earth with for their great wickedness and the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments though not yet hath My Full fury and wrath and anger been fully poured out upon them hoping that these would turn from their great wickedness and take heed of My Word unto them and obey all of My Holy Law and commandments especially My Moral Law but thus far have they hardened their hearts against Me and My Word but upon these I shall hold back no longerthe full fury of My wrath and anger if repentance is not forth coming. Thus far hath it been disasters of wind and fire of earthquake and flood and tornadoes and famine and plague and pestilence but one other disaster that thus far I have held back from bringing upon the wicked and rebellious Nations of the Earth and that is revealed in My Word that I can take and hath taken peace to a certain extent from the rebellious and disobedient Nations of the Earth those Nations which have been weighed in the balances of My true Just Judgment and have been found guilty. Especially one Nation which hath thus far suffered a foretaste of that which is to come upon that immoral gainsaying wicked rebellious and hard hearted arrogant Nation which exalts itself to the heights of the heaven of heavens but shall be cast down to the depths of sheol or that which thou call hell and the grave. Be careful O ye of the EU if the plans thou art seeking to execute in the forth coming negotiations don’t turn round and bite thee where it shall hurt thee the most. As I have said in the past it seems with the plans that thou hath for the UK thou doth do not do as those amongst thee would say cut off thy nose to spite thy face or as another of thy sayings go be careful thou doth not shoot thy self because of thy actions in the foot. For that saying in My Word shall be applied whatsoever that thou doth do unto others shall be done unto thee especially in as far as these Brexit negotiations.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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