Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus I say unto thee at this time even unto America and its Leadership that America at the present is like a time bomb ready to go off, why because of the racial tensions that have been building up over the last few decades being revealed by the riots that have happened recently when a coloured person has been shot by the police or by a white person which has not happened when a white person has been shot by the police or by another white person and which now has now erupted into the open in Charlottesville when racial groups clashed there what is it said if thou see a rat or a couple of rats scurrying about in the open you can guarantee there are hundreds more hidden in the sewers and rubbish heaps unseen. But there is also in that town the tensions between the North and South coming out into the open that still exists and has done so since the civil war not only because of the war itself being caused by the North seeking to impose its will on the south by force, but because if the North had Just won the civil war and left it at that then maybe the resentment that still exists towards the North would either be none existent or be only minor resentment it would certainly not be a seething mass of resentment that now boils beneath the surface and has done so since the American Civil War especial when in re-enactments the North’s victory and the South’s defeat or the Unions victory and the Confederates defeat is displayed before crowds of onlookers, one event of that Civil war though is never re- enacted which is the treatment of the Confederate states by the Union or the North after the war robbing the south of its wealth treading down the people of the southern States into the dust of the ground then when a new administration took power seeking to alleviate the suffering caused by the North did not have the decency to even apologise for the suffering it had caused after the war treating the South as though they were a conquered Nation and they were the conquerors and not as American citizens or states. But the fuse now lit by the actions of the citizens of that town needs to be extinguished because if it is not it will escalate into a twofold civil war on the on hand the tension and hatred between the coloured and white extremists flaring up out of control and the resentment of the South towards the North also flaring up out of control because of destruction of Historical Southern Monuments and property by what they will consider as Northern sympathizers bent on eradicating all traces of the Confederacy in American history but also seeking to eradicate the guilt of North’s treatment of the South after the Civil War.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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