Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say i unto thee the same cause of the American civil war is now beginning to happen in that part of America where there was a riot between two extremist groups which many say was racially and ethnical motivated which was a secondary cause as was the cause of the American civil war was declared to be the abolition in America of slavery which was but an excuse by the North to dominate the Southern states, slavery being the main part of the Southern American economy and society and culture which the North by passing the bill for the abolition of slavery in America knew that the south would immediately reject, but the north did not know how strong the resistance to the bill would be until the Southern states declared their independence from the North by forming the confederate states of America and declared the Mason Dixon line as their Northern border which when the North demanded the abolition of the confederacy and the return of the confederate states to the American union and the abolition of slavery in all of their states which was rejected. the north declared that if necessary it would force the Southern state to comply with its demands upon which the confederacy stated that if the armies of the north crossed the Mason Dixon line it would be considered an act of war and state of war would exist between the north and the South. This is but a generalisation of events of which if dealt with fully would fill a few volumes. But this now is the cause of the conflict of which the southern states see the removal of the statue as an attempt by the North to impose its will again on the Southern States by seeking to erase the past history of the South. Which could if followed to its ultimate conclusion result in a similar conflict on American soil. As the saying goes old deep wounds take a long time to heal and these wounds indeed go very deep and will take a long time still to heal.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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