Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that the EU government is bluntly its own worst enemy in that it refuses to strengthen its internal borders, even in the face of the resurgence of a number of past and recent terrorist attacks who use the freedom of the movement of goods and people to their advantage in spreading fear and mayhem throughout Europe. The policy of the EU’s government over the absolute without restrictions of any sort of the movement of goods and people is going to be its own undoing as it could if it wasn’t so intransigent or unmoveable on this issue reform its internal border control structure to impose certain restrictions on people moving from one member Nation to another without too much inconvenience to the general public to cover such threats as terrorism or terrorist related violence or the movement of drug or people traffickers and other criminal elements over which except for the intelligence agencies and the police and other security services there is in place little or no control or restrictions. The freedom of the movement of goods and people is all very well but to a certain degree it places a greater burden on the security and policing services and puts at risk the security health and welfare of the general public in the face of the now rising terrorist threat. Well have I warned thee that Isis was in no way facing total defeat because of its defeat in Mosul and the coming defeat in Raqqa it has as is seen by its past attacks and by its people trafficking from Morocco using it as a cover to send in its insurgents to attack now Spanish and Finnish targets set up bases in North Africa with help and support of other terrorist groups in the Sudan Egypt certain Arab states and African Nations allied to it in Africa and if it gains ground there because of the short gap between Morocco and Spain it will seek to gain a foot hold in Spain to spread their ideology and fear and terror throughout all of Europe remember the last Muslim invasion of Spain and what havoc it wrought throughout Europe and the lasting effects it had on Spain and Europe look at rise of Isis in the Middle East in Syria and Iraq and then if it establish a Caliphate in North Africa would it not then seek to extend it into Europe through Spain.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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