Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee a Herald comes from the west and travels to the east who is a sign of that which is about come upon the Earth and upon that Nation through which he travels a sign of darkness and not light of division and not unity of war and not peace of conflict and unrest in a Nation that was and is proud and arrogant and thinks of itself as the master of its own destiny. A Herald of the coming of My swift terrible sharp sword which shall inflict upon it a great and terrible wound from which it shall not recover, for this wound if inflicted cannot be healed if it continues upon the path it is on the path of arrogance and pride, of great wickedness and immorality, being totally corrupt, full of all unrighteousness being malicious, liars thieves, deceivers, idolaters and begin to walk upon the path of obedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments to become holy pure and righteous in My sight through the blood of the true and only Eternal Passover Lamb even the true Messiah. Thus far have I been merciful to the Nations of the Earth but they heeded not My Word unto them because of the deafness of their ears and hardness of their heart. Thus then have still do, strike them by wind and waves by storms tornadoes hurricanes by earthquake and by flood hoping that they would turn and repent of their great wickedness and immorality but they would not thus the coming of this herald for all to whom I sent My Word sought a sign from Me and now it is that sign cometh in the form of a herald from east to west a sign of My Wrath and anger a sign that signifies the fall of the Babylon of this present age as revealed in My Word Babylon the Great shall fall and great shall be the fall thereof never more to rise from the depths to which it shall sink even unto sheol or that which thou doth hell and great shall be the fall thereof and all the inhabitants of the Earth shall mourn its destruction even all the Nations of the Earth and then shall fear and dread posses the inhabitants of the Earth for that which is to come upon all the Nations of the Earth for all shall be Judged by My Holy Law and by My commandments and the punishment due shall be poured out upon them if they have turned not from their wicked unrighteous immoral and disobedient and unbelieving ways. For did I not say that at the end of days there should be signs in the heavens above and upon the earth beneath of blood and fire and rising of smoke the sun turned into darkness and the moon to blood.
Before My great and terrible day comes upon the inhabitants of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord


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